Rally Edition Watches - IN STOCK

Over the past several months, GuardsRed Design has been going from strength to strength. Building on their original portfolio of beautifully crafted RL-Series of watches, now comes the Rally Edition.

After a successful and fully funded campaign, GuardsRed Design set about by ensuring the LD-52, RS-52 & T16-52 watches were constructed to the highest of standards as they have been renowned for.

Only requiring minor iterations to the design from pre-production prototypes to full production pieces, the Rally Edition timepieces are dramatic and understated jewels. 

Inspired by the Group B rally homolgation thoroughbreds from Lancia, Ford and Peugeot, this exciting Rally Series evokes an era of raw power, skill and determination.

Be sure to get your future classic while limited availability lasts.

GuardsRed Design Team.