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About us

GRD was founded in 2012 to create unique designs and product solutions, taking them from concept to reality. We are based in Munich, Germany with roots in Scotland.
Company Founder and Director, Andrew E Smith has a passion for Motorsport, high quality design and materials which is represented throughout his work. Andrew has been able to develop this passion through his background in Industrial and Consumer product design.
Every project undertaken is a fresh challenge, constantly bringing innovative ideas with a creative approach in order to broaden artistic and technical expertise.
GRD strives to create new and inspiring ways of telling time with an automotive flair.
Each of our designs represents a moment in racing & driving history that stirs up a multitude of emotions for the wearer. 

a shared passion...

Matt Farah from 'The Smoking Tire'
Magnus Walker       RL-72 Magnus Walker

Meeting and driving with Magnus Walker 2016 and his very own RL-72


RL-71 SleeveRL-73 DashRL-72 RevRL-73 AngleRL-72 BoxRL-72 JacketRL-72 MagnusRL-73 PlanRL-71 Side ViewRL-71 SIDE VIEWRL-72 PLAN
RL-73 Side ViewRL-73 Straight View
RL71 Santa CruzRL-71 Pinstripe RL-73 SIDE VIEWRL-72 Straight